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What do creatives think about this company?

'They have harnessed the creative power of performers across the globe at a time when we had no other outlets. This project gave us joy, community, and a way to stay connected to what we love to do' - Bodhi Rader

'It really has helped myself and others reconnect with our craft, and find a love for it passed just wanting to get a role! Loved creating my character and putting the piece together overall' - Rachel Heritage

'You have brought the artist community together in such a wonderful way' - Rabinder Kaur

'There is nothing stronger than a community of artists speaking loudly about the perks of being human, united we're stronger and better. This project has reunited so many voices and so many opinions, I'm grateful and proud to be a part of this artistic explosion' - Tessie Herrasti

'At a time when political forces are working to divide and fragment us, this project unites artists from all over the world. Joining this international cast has helped me to feel part of something large and powerful' - Susan O'Doherty

'This community has brought performers far and wide together. Sharing each others’ talents in this space has created an intimate collaboration, one of which deserves to expand and thus grow into something even more incredible' - John Ross Parr

'No matter what, we are as one living in this small and crazy world. Especially as artists knowing that art and performance art will never die. This is a great community project to show when people are feeling down to help them rise up again' - Katherine Black

'Loud Voices, Silent Streets lives up to its’ name by helping me form connections, while getting an insight on actors from all over the world! This project has given us all something new to look forward to viewing everyday. This project has given me hope' - Jazzy Luca

'It gives me the room and space to be bold and take more risks in my acting. As actors, we’re not always given that sense of freedom so it’s really a space to find your style and practice without judgment.' - Nayiri Tara Contessina Partamian

'This group has given me the opportunity to connect to a community of serious and talented actors, writers, artists, which is inspiring and grounding. It has given me a place to explore and present writing and performance which I would not otherwise have had. I am very happy to be part of it now and as it blossoms brightly in the world.' - Zoelle Rose

'I have had chance to chat with other artists through zoom meetings and online chat. I have had chance to write monologues for others and embrace the writing challenges. I have also been performing monologues myself and now have the opportunity to be part of an exciting new podcast. This company can only go from strength to strength with the lovely supportive creativity of its members.' - Julie Broadbent

'I love being a member of Loud Voices Silent Streets because of the community aspect! It brings creative people together and gives us opportunities to share our ideas in a comfortable space to hopefully create amazing projects!' -Tiana James

'This program has given me a space to practice my writing and acting and has also allowed me to have a place to continue theater in my first semester of college. It's amazing that through simply asking to have a monologue written for me that I'm now a part of something huge for theater lovers, and it's given me a new respect for the work people do to make it in the business.' - Jamie Lammers

'Loud Voices Silent Streets has given me an artistic outlet at a time when I felt I was floundering. It’s a supportive and encouraging space to grow my storytelling capabilities and hone my acting craft.' - Bexs Barlow

'This company has given me the drive and inspiration to create things I might never have done. Meeting and working with a group of like minded people who have made me feel at home.' - Mike Gardner

'Loud Voices Silent Streets has reignited the passion of acting for me. It’s a dream come true being able to creativity express myself in an authentic way alongside other beautiful creatives. This company will always hold a special place in my heart' - Kartiya Ilardo

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