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Loud Voices Silent Streets Services

1 Minute Monologue - £15

2 Minute Monologue - £25

3 Minute Monologue - £35

(visit our monologue page for more information)


Dialogue Scene - £40

Up to 3 pages. Typically two characters, dialogue driven scenes set in one location. Most suited for workshops, showcases, show reels and on camera auditions with a reader.

Short Film - £10 per page (6-20 pages)

Our short films are character driven stories with smart dialogue and creative visual exposition. Ideal for new writers, indie filmmakers, film students and producers, actors and directors with an idea for a story. We write according to your location, production budget and provide script support and consultation until filming begins.

Zoom Reading - £50

Got a first draft or completed script and looking for actors to read it? We can help with that. We will arrange an appropriate cast from our database of hundreds of actors from all over the world and arrange a date and time that suits you to hold a reading of your work via zoom, we will record the reading and send it to you once it's finished. You will then get a 10% discount if you choose to have more readings as you develop the piece.  

Casting - £10

Got a project, film or production you're casting for? We can send your casting to our members and help you find the perfect cast a lot faster. Simply email your casting to with 'Casting' in the subject line.

Showreel Editing - £85 (£120 for 48 hour turnover)

Having a professional showreel is key for anyone looking to get into the industry. Using professional editing software our team will work with you to ensure you're showreel effectively highlights your skills and range as an actor. We will enhance sound and tweak picture quality where needed. Looking for a specific scene to include in you showreel? Why not purchase a dialogue scene from us too and we can edit it for you and add it onto your showreel. Need your show reel in a hurry? Pay an extra £35 to get your showreel edited and sent back to you in the next 48 hours. To book your edit simply email your footage and information to with 'Showreel Edit' in the subject line. 




How does it work? 


Email​ with your request and please include the following -

  • Current headshot, spotlight link (if applicable) and show reel/link to work (if applicable).

  • Preferred genre (comedy, drama, crime drama, rom-com, horror, medical drama, supernatural, western etc.)

  • Comfort levels (your limits with swearing, adult themes, romantic intimacy, nudity etc.)

  • If you wish to shoot this project please tell us your location and budget limits.

Once we receive your email we will respond within 24 hours to arrange a phone call to discuss the project further, we can also discuss via email or video call if you prefer.



Upon approval/confirmation of your concept/premise we will send you payment details. Once we receive you payment we will begin the writing process.

First Draft Turnarounds


Monologues - 5-7 days.

Dialogues - 7-10 days.

Short Films - 4-6 weeks depending on length and specific requirements.

Showreel - 4 weeks (48 hour service available for an additional charge)



We do not refund payment once we have sent you the first draft, so please make sure you are happy with the concept/premise proposal.

You are allowed two free rewrites of any project after the first draft has been submitted. Rewrites typically take less than a week to complete but a new concept, storyline or premise is considered a 'new project' and will be subject to the same rate as any original order.

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